Gadigal Awards 2016

Over the weekend we had our 2016 Gadigal Awards ceremony on the rooftop of the radio station. According to one attendee it was the BEST DEADLIEST awards party ever.  Congrats to everyone who was nominated for an award this year and of course to the winners listed below.  To quote Uncle George Kookaburra from his acceptance speech “You’re all great and beautiful and what makes this station so deadly.”

Broadcaster of The Year
Susanna Lolohea – from the Fijian Australian Voice of The Community program 
(pictured above – top left)

Best Program
Jase and Kimberly – from Puha and Pork Bones program 
(pictured above – bottom right)

Outstanding Service
George Kookaburra – from the Koori Country Konnection  program
(pictured above – bottom left)

Deadliest Community Member
Ibo Jah – from the Black Roots and Oration program

Blanche Biles – our Administration/Reception wizard