Gadigal launches 99 Stories project

Gadigal Information Service has launched an audio archive project titled ‘99 Stories’ that will engage with Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to record and document 99 stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience.

Developed by Gadigal in partnership with the City of Sydney and Blacktown Council, the 99 Stories archive will provide a valuable and much needed shared resource for Indigenous communities, young people, educators and historians. Gadigal aims to form relationships with other relevant cultural organisations to ensure the preservation of recorded content.  

A priority of the 99 stories project is to engage with Indigenous Elders in order to help preserve their knowledge for generations to come. Gadigal is also liaising with several communities to identify other possible outcomes for recorded stories, such as publications and other educational resources. All recordings will be archived and made available to the public via the Koori Radio website (

Gadigal encourages any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person to share their story as part of the 99 Stories project. Story type and format is entirely up to the individual, although Gadigal encourages stories based on actually lived experiences. Individuals may choose to recount an experience or story from their lives, the story of another person, or a story that has been passed on to them and which they would like to share. Gadigal particularly welcomes stories of cultural, historical and traditional significance.          

In Sydney, all interviews and recordings will take place at the Gadigal Recording Studio at the Koori Radio office in Redfern.

The project aims to celebrate the diversity of Indigenous experience in Australia by making these stories available to the world through a digital platform. Recordings will also serve to educate non-Indigenous audiences on Aboriginal experience and perspectives, fostering greater understanding and mutual respect.

If you would like to share your story as part of the 99 Stories project, please contact Danielle Tuwai 02 9384 4000