Munkimuk hosts the Brekky Show

Mark Ross (AKA ‘Munkimuk’ or ‘Munk’) is headed back to morning radio as Koori Radio’s new Brekky Show host. 

Munk is a widely respected musician, producer and performer, acknowledged for being a significant pioneer of Aboriginal hip hop in Australia. Munk began breaking and rapping in the early ‘80’s and was the founding member of Indigenous hip hop group South West Syndicate.
He’s also recorded and released music as a solo artist and in 2012 formed current band, Renegades of Munk, who released a self titled debut album in 2014.

Munk is also a member of the Indigenous Music Hall of Fame and has worked with a long list of artists, producing music for the likes of Yothu Yindi and Shellie Morris, among many others.

He’s no stranger to radio either, having been a Deadly Award nominated broadcaster for his work on the Deadly Sounds program, and he’s also been a longtime broadcaster on Koori Radio as former host of the Indij Hip Hop Show and the Funky Lunch program.

“I’m looking forward to playing a whole range of styles of music, a bit of reggae, a bit of funk, disco and soul, and especially Aboriginal music, and of course doing the news, sport, traffic, being the weatherman, playing some deadly music and getting people vertical for the day,” says Munk.

Tune in to Munkimuk on Koori Radio’s Brekky Show weekdays 7am to 9am.