Outside broadcasts in March

Keep your eyes peeled for the Koori Radio outside broadcast van visiting these events and locations in March. If you see us come up and say hi!

March 5 – Mardi Gras After Party – 8:00pm to 12:00am

Live from the event at Hermann’s bar broadcasting all of the night’s live music and performances, including live sets from Jessie Lloyd and Ben Fraietta.

March 20 – Ashfield’s Carnival of Cultures – 10:00am to 4:00pm

Broadcasting live from Ashfield City Council’s ‘Carnival Of Cultures’ including a special airing of Archie Roach’s live set on the day. 

Big thanks to the Fair Day broadcast team!

Thanks everyone who got involved with our live broadcast from Mardi Gras Fair Day on February 19. Our broadcast featured Koori Radio’s own Jahan Tyson (Tangata Whenua – Saturdays 2pm-4pm), Naian (The Drift Zone – Saturdays 8pm-10pm), and Kimberly and Jase (Puha & Pork Bones – Thursdays 6pm-8pm).

Special Thanks to our sponsors for the day, ACON, and also to Tim Bishop, Girodano Caputo, Danielle Tuwai, Brent Mackie, Gavin Pendergrast and Mish Sparks. We’re looking forward to Fair Day 2017!