Yabun Membership SPECIAL!!

Head on over to the Membership Page to jump on this limited offer! Membership or FROG (Friend of Gadigal) for only $10! Offer only lasts from 26 of January til 26 February. You can get to the membership page by clicking here

Gadigal Information Service offers financial membership. To become a “Full Member” with voting rights you must be of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, be at least 18 years of age and reside within the Sydney Metropolitan area. Please complete and return your application with payment of $10.00. Your application will be considered at the next Governing Committee meeting. If approved, you will be notified in writing. If membership is denied, a refund will be provided

If you are not of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent and wish to be a member we offer “FROG membership”. FROG membership means Friends and Relatives of Gadigal. As a FROG member you do not receive voting rights but reap the benefits of supporting a deadly service, giving back to community and being informed and up-to date on the latest news. FROG membership is $10.00 per annum.